Sisters Mona Devine Kronholm and Alexis Devine come together to open Providence's first fitness studio dedicated exclusively to indoor cycling. Devine City Cycle (DCC) houses twenty Keiser bikes on the West Side of Providence, offering a variety of classes taught by experienced, high-energy instructors.  

Our Philosophy: At DCC, we ask what do you ride for? because we believe everybody has a unique story that can be used to reach one’s personal best. By meeting each rider at his or her individual fitness level, whether beginner or advanced, we hope to empower all participants to achieve their goals and overcome their greatest challenges both on and off the bike. Our classes are intended to strengthen mind and body, helping you to discover your best self in the process.

Mona Devine Kronholm and Alexis Devine, sisters and owners of Devine City Cycle (DCC), have enjoyed fitness throughout their lives. For years, Mona was involved in athletics and Alexis studied dance in New York City. After beginning their careers and families, they continued lifestyles of fitness by taking group exercise classes together in Providence, RI. Mona attended classes and personal training regularly. Eventually, she influenced Alexis to join her. In a few years, Alexis became an instructor, with a focus on kickboxing. Around the same time, Mona began indoor cycling (“spinning”) before it even gained popularity.  She introduced Alexis to her first spin class. Although she continued teaching kickboxing, Alexis became an avid “spinner” for her personal workout routine, as well as her overall mind and body wellness.

In time, Mona and Alexis wanted to share with others the impact that “spinning” had on them. Indoor cycling was a personal experience. It had a healing effect: to overcome adversity, manage stress, find an untapped strength, access a sense of finally being one’s best self, improve the ability to focus, and increase energy. So, 6 years ago Alexis added indoor cycling to her repertoire of class offerings. Fast forward to today, they combined Mona’s expertise in owning a business and exercise, with Alexis’s background in fitness instruction and behavior change, to open Devine City Cycle.

Devine City Cycle was created to make others become their best selves, incorporate fitness into their lifestyles, and set personal goals. At DCC, we tailor our instruction to the individual’s fitness level and hold ourselves accountable for guiding her/him into a love for that fitness. We ask them to make their workouts personal, as we remain responsible for maintaining a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. The experience in DCC classes encourages participants to strengthen body AND mind. Every DCC instructor upholds and practices this philosophy, and is determined to bring it to life.