Devine Cycle, with Alexis Devine, co-owner, is what sets us apart from the rest. You don't want to miss this  high intensity personalized workout within a group setting. Alexis caters to individual goals and fitness levels while building on the collective strength and ambition of all participants. Her energy and style are one of a kind, using motivating beats and rhythmic tempos. You are guaranteed to sweat, burn calories, and tone muscle all at the same time. Mental strength will build as she asks her signature question, “What do you ride for?” and reminds you that, “Anything is possible.”  Alexis pushes you to find an untapped strength within. Her class offers an experience like no other and will not disappoint. She uses a rhythmic playlist that includes R&B and hip hop, and definitely won’t be found anywhere else. 

Spin City, with Meghan O'Brien, is fun on a bike. High energy and great music make the hour go by quickly.  Your heart rate will gradually climb  and you will leave feeling refreshed and energized.