Alexis Devine, the co-owner of Devine City Cycle (DCC), is dedicated to inspiring others to be their best selves through fitness. She holds a BA in public health from Brown University and is currently Lifespan's Workforce Development Coordinator, as well as a social and behavioral science faculty member at the Brown University Warren Alpert Medical School.  Her expertise in designing behavioral health interventions and improving health outcomes is embedded in the fabric of DCC's philosophy on the benefits of exercise and how to attain one's personal best. Alexis has been teaching group fitness for over a decade and aims to provide individualized workouts within her classes, pushing each participant beyond their mental limits to reach their maximum physical potential. 

Alexis’s class style is unrivaled. It has an intensity that pushes every rider to work their hardest and uses a rhythmic playlist that includes R&B and hip hop, and definitely won’t be found anywhere else. She treats everyone like family and greets them by name. Some have described her classes as cathartic, purifying, and healing. They walk out embodying her messages, such as “every struggle turns to strength,” “if they beat you to the finish line, it’s because you let them get in your head,” and most importantly “everyone has a story that must be validated.”


Shannon Babul, has been an avid weight lifter, runner, and dedicated spin instructor for five years.  She looks to instill determination in her clients and the notion that if you believe that you can, you will. Her playlists incorporate messages which foster inner strength and resilience. She has a BA in Elementary Education and currently teaches Kindergarten. She is also pursuing a certification in Teaching English as a Second Language. She enjoys creating playlists and class sequences that can be diversified for all riders.