“I love it already… it gives me like insane mental clarity like my fav quote so far is ‘You are not identified by the struggle, but the strength that comes from that struggle’… Alexis said that and I’ve embraced that in my life since… it’s changed the way I look at life in like a matter of 2 weeks” Joey B., Canton, MA

"This place is incredible!! The energy alone is what keeps bringing me back. Great location, tons of parking, great music, amazing instructors...what more could you want? As someone not always interested in cardio, I find myself drawn to this studio because it makes an hour of intense cardio manageable and enjoyable! There are a lot of great class times as well. Pretty sure there's a discount package for new riders too. Worth trying!" Lauren T., Providence, RI

"First off - everything is CLEAN. Even the bathroom is cute. Since it's a small studio, the members are much more courteous of cleaning after themselves and wiping down their bikes. Towels and water are provided, and you receive a cool aromatherapy towel after your ride (seriously the best thing ever).” Sakoun P., Providence, RI

"Best workout you find! My girlfriend brought me to spin at Devine City Cycle for the first time a few months ago, and we went there repeatedly until sadly we moved out of the area. Alexis is the BEST - she will motivate you to the best workouts of your life. I'm the competitive type, and Alexis caters the music and motivation perfectly. My girlfriend is less the competitive type, and equally raves about Alexis, proving she does an amazing job meeting the demands of everyone in class. Alexis is so energetic and makes it difficult to imagine any other spin class could be this great. The studio is very clean and does not smell at all when everyone is working out. Alexis refills water during class and will always help adjust your seat to optimize your workout. Just to summarize - best spin studio around." Kyle M., Falls Church, VA 

“Have never been a fan of spinning so thought this deserved a review as I decided to start a 30 day challenge. I joined on $30.00/30 day unlimited classes which is a great deal to try something new; five stars for that! I am now on my fifth class with Justin and Alexis; my goodness I wish I had their energy on one pinky. Not only are they energetic and into what they are teaching, they are kind and courteous!” Zadia H., Providence, RI

“Inspiring, high energy, workout.  Visiting providence and dropped in for two awesome classes.  Will be back next time I'm in town.” Ilana E., Washington, DC

“I'm new to the spin world and Alexis made me feel welcomed and motivated. So motivated in fact that I bought my fancy own bike shoes and tried to push my way there whenever my hectic schedule allowed. Spin had even proved to be a worthy couple "date" workout; my bf loves it too (and he's a competitive muscle mo-fo who runs marathons for giggles)! As for the instructors, I can confidently say that Alexis is a motivating spin-tastic superstar! She has incredible endurance, builds workflows that challenge you and keep you upbeat/entertained. I had no idea I could live on a fitness bike but now I can't wait till I can get back on. Moreover, the place is NICE. While you sweat bullets and burn calories, the place is always spotless. The bikes are NEW. The music is KILLER. The thought put into each of Alexis' classes shows! I moved recently but haven't lost my passion for spin. Thanks for instilling a new found for love for cardio in me Alexis!” Lauren Q., Providence, RI

“Since I live in Boston and have access to spin studios like Flywheel, Recycle and CYC, I have pretty high expectations for cycling classes. Devine City far exceeded these expectations!!! My friend has been raving about Alexis and the studio for weeks, so I decided to take the trip down to Prov to take Alexis's 6am class today. It was awesome! Alexis made me feel welcome and made it a point to make sure I was comfortable on my bike, even adjusting me a couple times after class started when she could tell the set-up was a little off. She offered to fill up our waters when they got low and really looked out for everyone in class. She truly creates an "experience" for you - from the music, to the community vibe, to the lavender scented cold towels at the end of class, it was just wonderful. I also worked my butt off, which is not always the case for me at spin - I find it really easy to slack off if I don't find the instructor inspiring or engaging, but Alexis made me want to work hard. Awesome new spot in Providence!!”  Lindsey C., New York, NY

“By far the best spin class I have ever been to - the energy is off the charts and Alexis just makes you want to kill it. I don't know how she does it - but the charisma she brings every single class is amazing. You haven't been to a spin class until you've been here!” Megan O., Providence, RI